Overcoming Fear of Flying

in a supportive environment!

We are a population on the move.

We often live far from family and friends, and our work is no longer just in our own backyards.

Air travel is often the way to go, and yet millions of people suffer from fear of flying. They may fly in great discomfort, some under the influence of medications or alcohol, and some may even avoid flying all together.

The consequences of fear of flying can affect jobs, health, personal relationships and self-esteem. There is help.

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The MySky Program

The MySky program is currently an individualized program where you will have the opportunity to work with psychologist and pilots who have had numerous years of experience working with hundreds of fearful flyers.

When available, we will arrange for small groups of participants to take a commercial flight with us to experience a successful flight in a supportive environment.

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Our Team and Info

Our team consists of a psychologist, a pilot and other related professionals who have worked for 18 years with hundreds of fearful flyers.

Our psychologist will work with you to provide a framework for understanding anxiety – how it has developed and how it can be managed. Techniques will be taught and practiced that facilitate relaxation, soothing and a reduction of fear.

Participants can also receive information about the technical aspects of flight and air travel (such as security, flight operations and personnel training) from our pilots.

Supportive materials culled from years of working with fearful flyers will be shared.

We are also available on a consulting basis to corporations to provide customized training and/or workshops about reducing fear of flying.

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