Program Information

This program will help you:

  • if the thought of flying creates anxiety or panic,
  • if you experience discomfort when you travel by air,
  • if you would like to be able to travel prescription- or alcohol-free, or
  • if you have avoided air travel altogether due to fears or anxiety.

Our team consists of a psychologist, pilots and other related professionals who have worked with fearful flyers since 1996. 

Classroom Work1Staff listen to participants' concerns about flying.
Classroom Work2Participants support each other thru discussion.
The HangerGroup spends time in a hanger.
Learn about planesBecoming familiar with the plane helps.
Hanger timeSizing up the Plane!
Hanger time2Impressive!
Hanger time3Check this out!
Boarding airplaneBoarding an airplane.
Cockpit timeTime is spent exploring inside.
Cockpit time2Becoming familiar with the cockpit.
Cockpit time3Hands on!
Cockpit time4Cockpit!
Commercial aiplane rideParticipants take a short commercial flight.
Slideshow Image 4Graduation!

This journey begins by working individually with our psychologist, usually for 3-6 sessions. These sessions may be covered by your medical insurance. During this work, you will:

  • Develop a better understanding of aviaphobia: fear of flying.
  • Be given a framework for understanding how anxiety develops and is sustained.
  • Learn techniques (behavioral, cognitive, emotional) to promote relaxation, self-soothing and the reduction of fear.

If desired, you can also meet with one of our pilots to:

  • Receive knowledge about the technical aspects of flight and air travel issues (such as security, flight operations, personnel training and various personnel responsibilities).
  • Get answers to all those questions you have ever had about flying.

When available, we also offer the opportunity to fly together as a group with a psychologist on a short commercial flight, approximately 45-60 minutes in duration each way.