Ruth B. Markowitz, M.A., L.P.
Ruth Markowitz

I have worked as a psychologist in private practice since 1985. During that time I have worked with individuals, couples, groups and have done workshops and training. I worked as a consultant with the Northwest Airlines WINGS program starting in 1996. I have worked with people who have been traumatized, who suffer from panic and anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Many of the people I have worked with have had body-based reactions to their psychological symptoms. They have experienced life in fear, avoidance and restriction..

When I was given the opportunity to work with fearful flyers in the WINGS program I was able to put to use my work with people with body-based traumas and reactions. I found that my psychological background, which included cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, EMDR and sex therapy, enabled me to more effectively help fearful flyers move through the terror they experienced in their bodies and to utilize self soothing techniques. I also felt privileged to work with fearful flyers because in my own personal experience I had worked through fears and knew the power of doing this and the pain of living in fear. It was and is my greatest wish to help people be free of fear and to feel the world belongs to them.


Captain Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts

I was a pilot for over 40 years, starting in the Navy in 1963 as a carrier pilot and finishing active flying in 2000, retiring from Northwest Airlines as a DC-10 Captain. I also worked as a DC-10 Captain simulator instructor and the DC-10 Training Program Manager with Pan American International Flight Academy. During my career with Northwest I flew and was an instructor on B727, B757, A320, DC-10 and B747.

I was one of the original pilots on the Northwest Airlines WINGS Fear of Flying program team when it was started in 1996. As a pilot who truly loved his job, this program has given me the opportunity to express my joy and understanding of flying in a manner that enables people to dispel the rumors and misinformation surrounding aviation. I am privileged to be part of seeing people's lives change in a positive manner as part of my involvement in this program. Being able to help fearful flyers change the negative images that have developed into positive understanding of how events really occurred makes this one of the most important things I do in my life.


Captain Buddy Scroggins
Captain Buddy Scroggins

Since I became a pilot, I’ve flown air ambulances to airliners and instructed in planes ranging from two-seat Cessnas to 380-seat DC10s. In the last 20 years as an airline pilot, I’ve flown DC10s, Boeing 727s, Boeing 737s, Airbus 320s, Convairs, Fokkers, and 19-seat Metroliners. Sun Country Airlines was my home from 1989 (where I was a captain and instructor) to 2013 when I retired. In my spare time, I taught pilots from around the world to fly the DC10 at Pan Am International Flight Academy.

MySky did me a huge honor and favor when they let me join their program. Witnessing and participating in the changes that take place in individual lives is inspirational. But more importantly, being surrounded by people who have show up to face some of their worst fears is positively humbling. I don’t know who gets more from this program, you or me. I guess I should caution that besides loving flying, I really love talking about flying — my friends and family have heard enough.